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Publishing and Dissemination Cases

For undergraduate and graduate students
You have finalised your (undergraduate/graduate) thesis, which is about to get published on your university's website. However, while rereading your work, you discover that all the references have disappeared from a large section. You are also thinking about publishing an article based on your thesis jointly with your supervisor. In addition to that, you have received a scholarship (from a stakeholder research group) to support you with your thesis work. 

For PhD students:
Your team has finished the article with your research results and the institute has approved it to be published. You are looking for journals that would publish your results and decide to submit your article into two journals simultaneously in hopes that one of them will publish it. After submission, you discover that the reviewer of your article is your previous colleague and you have published an article with them. In addition, right before you sent your article to be published, one co-author omitted some negative findings from the article. You get published into a lower tier journal and the next year your are advised by a senior researcher to submit the same article for a higher tier journal to help the institute gain more publicity. 


Case 1

Doctoral student L. is surprised to find several literal passages in an article in a journal
master's thesis. There were no references to the master's thesis. The author of the article was Professor A.

Case 2

Professor A publishes a book based on ancient Hebrew manuscripts in English. Professor B translates this book into Estonian. He also uses tables and graphs prepared by Professor A. In his book, he refers to Professor A and writes that he also worked with the old manuscripts on which the book is based.

Case 3

The tutor discovers the revised title page of the manuscript of the article currently being written on the tutor's desk, with the tutor's name added. However, it is known that the supervisor has not contributed significantly to the study.

Case 4

The researcher writes the opinion of a newspaper based on his recent article. Its aim is to introduce its research to the general public and how it can contribute to societal development. The researcher states in the article that he has published a research article on the same topic. One journalist searches for a research article and sees that the researcher has not referred to the newspaper article in the same way as the research article and accuses the researcher of plagiarism.

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